We encourage you to make a conscious choice

Choose natural and sustainable materials. We use TENCEL™ in our lingerie. It’s natural, breathable and helps your body maintain its core temperature. Our lingerie is also certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 so you know it’s free from harmful chemicals.  

Choose comfort. We consider your comfort in every piece we design. You’ll feel supported and at ease all day. 

Choose colour. We encourage you to set an intention when you choose the colour of your lingerie. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? Our lingerie is available in nine shades so you can choose the colour that’s right for you.

Choose natural and sustainable materials

Polyester, polyamide, nylon. Whatever it’s called, it’s made from plastic.  And it’s saturating the underwear industry. Creating the lace, mesh and tulles found in your bras and knickers.

Like you, we don’t think it’s right to cover our most sensitive areas in plastic. That’s why we use TENCEL™ in all our lingerie and sleepwear. 

TENCEL™ gives you the chance to breathe. Everywhere.

What makes TENCEL™ so great?  It's natural fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton, supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation and keeping your skin feeling cool and dry.  It’s also super-soft to the touch, making it extra luxurious against your body.

TENCEL™ is also more sustainable than cotton - even organic cotton. It requires less energy and water to produce and is biodegradable. It’s made using an award-winning ‘closed loop’ solvent spinning process. This results in 99% of the solvents and water used in the production process being recovered and recycled.

Our lingerie is also certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This means every thread of fabric, trim or fastener we use has been tested to make sure it contains no harmful substances. No toxic dyes. No heavy metals. 

Choose comfort

We know it can be hard to find a bra that fits just right. That’s why we don’t use underwire in our bras.

Instead we use intuitive design and soft breathable fabric to leave you feeling supported and comfortable. All-day long. 

Our bras move with you. Accommodating the natural swells and lulls in your breast size unlike a traditional underwire style. 

Choose colour

At Videris, we’re inspired by connecting to our inner self through colour.  

We believe colour can foster a mood or feeling. Colour can change the way we move through our day. 

We encourage you to set an intention when you choose the colour of your lingerie. How do you feel? How do you want to feel?  

For our launch collection, we’ve chosen seven colours we believe represent a spectrum of emotions and moods. We hope you find joy, strength and alignment within these colours.