Enlightened Lingerie. Made from natural, breathable fabrics. Designed to move with your body.

Enlightened Lingerie

Made from natural, breathable fabrics. Designed to move with your body.
Videris Lingerie soft cup, wire free bras in sustainable Tencel
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Videris lingerie knickers in sustainable tencel cut to follow the curve of the hip
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Artist, mother, cancer survivor, and all round warm and wonderful woman, meet the subject of our latest shoot, Sha

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Colour isn't only about style. It’s also about releasing the light from within.

Rosy Pink combines the passion and power of red, softened with the purity of white. This colour awakens your feminine and intuitive energy.
Self Acceptance
Maven Indigo uses the communicative force of Blue combined with the imagination of Violet to articulate profound feelings and abstract ideas.
Future Violet identifies a true balance between your spiritual and physical energies, through the strength of red and the consciousness of blue.
Higher Mind
Shield Black creates a protective and comforting layer between you and the outside world. A safeguard for your emotions and feelings.
Bohemian Magenta represents the free-spirited non conformist. With the power and passion of red, balanced by the introspection of violet.
Bridge to the Spirit
Olive green symbolises and celebrates your sacred feminine power. Experience a groundedness with the joy of yellow combined with the truth of green.
New Beginnings
Poise Green, the colour of spring, growth and fertility.  Feel renewed and nurtured through the optimism of yellow and the calm of blue.
Inner Harmony
Bold Red. Associated with sexuality and lust, this colour symbolises energy and emotion.
Pure White.  This colour helps purify your thoughts, emotions and spirit. Experience new beginnings and inner cleansing.