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Lingerie Care

The way you care for your lingerie is really important to us. Unlike other items of clothing, our lingerie - and bras in particular - are one of the hardest working pieces in our wardrobe. Doing a functional job of protecting, carrying and supporting our ever changing bodies. 

We use sustainable Tencel, and whilst natural fibres are a whole lot better for us, they tend not to last as long as the synthetic materials traditionally used in lingerie. 

Industry standards generally recommend replacing your bras every 6-9 months, assuming you have 3-5 bras on rotation. But, let’s be honest, that's not a very long time, and we believe there are a few simple things you can do to care for your lingerie and see it last a lot longer. 

Here are our tips to care for your Videris Lingerie


- Gentle machine wash at 30°C (if possible, hand wash!) 

- Use a laundry bag and wash with similar colours 

- Close the hook and eye on your bras when washing to avoid snagging on other garments 

- Always air dry (never tumble dry). Lay flat to dry, hanging can add stress on the hardware when wet

- After washing, store your lingerie carefully in a drawer. If possible avoid wearing for a day or two to allow the elastics to relax back in to shape. 


If you have 1 favourite bra that you wear say 70% of the time then over 6 months that is 126 wears, assuming this is washed every 3 wears, then that is 42 times through the washing machine! That is a hard working bra! We can all relate to this, and have a favourite bra we reach for time and time again, but having up to 5 good bras in rotation will make a big difference in a garment's longevity.

As a functional part of your wardrobe, the elastic needs a break, and not wearing the same bra two days in a row will allow for the elastic to relax. 

For fuller busted women, this tip is even more important. Even though, at Videris we increase the modulus of our componentry to offer extra support to our L - 3XL cup sizes, at the end of the day those bras are working harder. 

We know this seems like a lot of work and a lot to consider and unfortunately every bra has an expiration date, but if we follow some simple steps and can understand the reasons behind why we need to take greater care, we can help reduce our waste and learn to appreciate the things we own.