wearing Angela Bra in Maven Indigo and Whitney Bikini in Olive wildflowers at sunset

At the start of this year we decided we really wanted to evaluate our values as a brand. We said 2024 was all about Feminine Power, Love, Creativity, Authenticity, Connection.  As a brand about women, for women this means we need to celebrate and recognise the uniqueness of women, and in this instance cycling women. 

We read recently that women operate on a 28 day infradian rhythm that is different to the 24-hour circadian clock that follows men’s rhythm. Following the masculine circadian clock means women’s brain function, libido, energy, metabolism, immune system,fertility, stress levels and more are often left unsupported. 

own your cycle. colour syncing. feeling good. comfortable lingerie. no underwire.

Cycle syncing is looking to support the four phases of the cycle by looking at the specific changes happening

With the powerful effects of colour being intrinsic to our brand DNA it brought us to think how colour and the power it has to shift our mindset and mood and can be used in each phase to benefit us.

Women are seeking to shift the imbalances created by the patriarchy, we must stop modelling our lives on a masculine biochemical 24-hour schedule. It’s time to work based on a female paradigm of productivity, success and fulfillment.” - Alisa Vitti, speaking to Forbes Magazine


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