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I'm sure so many of you reading this can relate to the idea of not being happy with your body in one or many stages of your life. We live in a world where young women are obsessed with body image and companies profit from our insecurities. It often feels like body hatred or dissatisfaction is part and parcel with being a woman.

As a team of women, this is something we talk about a lot. Why do we look at other women’s bodies with love (or even envy) but not our own?

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We read recently that:

Children as young as 5 years of age express dissatisfaction with their bodies and display awareness of dieting as a means of weight control (Davison & Birch, 2001).

But why is that? And with "the ideal body" having so many iterations over the decades - what are we actually chasing and why does it feel so hard to say, "I'm happy with it all.

"​​Hearing a woman say “ I feel so ugly today.” or “I look so fat in this.” is a phrase we are all too familiar with and was coined by researchers over 30 years ago as ‘normative discontent’ suggesting that societally we consider it normal for women to be disappointed in their appearance.(Renee Engeln, Beauty Sick).

As a lingerie brand, body image and appreciation is something we think about a lot and we feel responsible to put a positive message out in to the world, especially to younger women starting to wear lingerie. We've said since the beginning that we want women to focus on how our lingerie makes them "feel" rather than how it makes them "look." With this being true, we also want our wearers to feel and know that they look absolutely perfect too.

We hope you’ll accept the challenge in loving on yourself as much as you do your female friends and family.

Repeat after us,“I love my beautiful body.Just as it is today.”

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To read more about Young Women and body image we loved the YWCA Insight Report - Why should we still care about body image?