VOGUE recommends the perfect lingerie colour for you, according to your star sign

VOGUE recommends the perfect lingerie colour for you, according to your star sign

Aries - Bold Red

This strong and independent fire sign aligns perfectly with Bold Red.  This stimulating colour will appeal to these optimistic leaders who like to take responsibility for their path. Bold Red supplies highly energetic Aries the rush of adrenaline this action-oriented sign needs to dive into new projects and the confidence to bring to life their desires and passions.  Bold Red is the primal life force needed to keep the Aries fire blazing bright. 

Taurus - Poise Green

The most abundant colour on earth,  Poise Green represents balance, hope and growth. Balancing the head and the heart, Poise Green is a positive healing colour to empower Taureans to take care of themselves and others.  It renews and restores depleted energy to create a sanctuary from the modern stresses of life. Also for those Taureans who appreciate the finer things, you will resonate with Green as the colour of prosperity and abundance.

Gemini - Rosy Pink

With its traits of youthful femininity, peace and friendship, Rosy Pink will appeal to those social Geminis.  Combining the action, passion and power of red softened with the purity of white, Rosy is intuitive, insightful and the colour of hope.  The nurturing and understanding aspects of Rosy will assist Geminis in being empathetic and respectful confidantes for their many friends. Combining Rosy with darker colours like Shield Black lends a strength and sophistication which Geminis may find helpful when taking a more serious approach.

Cancer - Shield + Future Violet

A blend of Future Violet and Shield Black is the perfect palette for Cancerians.  Future Violet represents the Higher Mind and is perfect for intuitive Cancerians, whilst the protective elements of Shield Black create a comforting layer between the inside and outside worlds.  Future Violet restores balance between spiritual and physical energies through the strength of red and consciousness of blue. It's a union of body and soul to represent the future. For highly sensitive Cancerians the protective traits of Shield Black may be necessary to safeguard their feelings and emotions by absorbing negative energy. 

Leo - Future Violet

Future Violet draws on the stability of blue and the strength and energy of red.  Traditionally associated with royalty, wealth and extravagance there is no doubt Leo’s will find alignment with this colour.  Encouraging originality and artistic expression, the mystery, magic and creativity found in Violet is sure to highlight Leo’s independence and ambition.  Violet can assist to balance out vivacious Leo, keeping their feet on the ground whilst the head remains in the heavens.

Virgo - Pure White

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Pure White can assist Virgo to purify their thoughts, emotions and spirit to revitalize and restore their entire system.  Opening the door to unlimited creation, Pure signifies new beginnings and inspires calm and peace.

Libra - Poise Green

Perfect for harmony loving Libra, Poise Green balances emotions, hormones to create an equilibrium between the head and the heart.  Poise green has a strong sense of right and wrong, allowing one to see both sides of an issue and invites good moral judgement.  Stable and enduring with the capacity to cope with adversity, while also reinforcing unconditional love. 

Scorpio - Maven Indigo

Extremely clairvoyant and intuitive Scorpios are the perfect match for Maven Indigo where the communicative force of Blue combines with the imagination of Violet to enable articulation of profound feelings and abstract ideas and connects female intuition.   This determined and loyal sign brings an intensity to all they do and will find alignment with the dignity, integrity and desire for justice that Maven Indigo promotes. 

Sagittarius - Bohemian Magenta

Bohemian Magenta is the catalyst for change and transformation by representing universal love.  Wanderlust Sagitarrians will thrive on the personal development encouraged by Bohemian. The release of old patterns will allow spiritual and emotional development to propel them forward into new adventures with greater knowledge and awareness.  Forging their own path and turning dreams and ambitions into reality, non-conformist and free spirited Bohemian will encourage Sagittarians to have a creative outlook on life. 

Capricorn - Poise Green

Responsible and dependable Capricorns will find strong alignment with the stability of blue found in Poise Green.  Blue is responsible and reliable,  able to take control in difficult times, and favours order or direction. The added optimism and practicality of Yellow, found in Poise Green, will soften these goal oriented goats and aid in helping them find a new way of doing things, along with clarity, thought and focus.

Aquarius - Olive

Olive will sit well with the humanitarian Aquarius.  Yellow represents the individual mind allowing clarity when combined with the heart and space of Green creates Olive Green; the bridge between the will and the heart. Olive represents peace, feminine leadership, compassion, and a celebration of the individual. Through acceptance and empowerment of Olive Green’s energy, Aquarians enable others to learn, flourish and radiate alongside them, honouring the individual - a new way of power and leadership.  This reawakening of the feminine energy of wisdom will suit the evolutionary Aquarius who will revel in this new feminine archetype.

Pisces - Pure White

Containing all colours of the spectrum, Pure White is the colour of new beginnings, a clean slate to open the way for unlimited creation.  Innocence, wholeness, purity, truth and completion, Pure symbolises the journey of Pisces and their lessons learnt.  Representative of both positive and negative aspects of all the colours, Pure is about equality, fairness and independence awakening an openness and creativity that will serve Pisces well.