Why I started Videris

Why I started Videris

I never really went back to wearing a wire after having my son over 5 years ago, the same bras that I had worn for years suddenly felt incredibly uncomfortable and restrictive. I thought my body had changed; I needed a larger cup size or looser underband. But after trying other sizes the discomfort remained.  I’ve been a lingerie designer for 15 years, I own 100’s of bras, 95% of which have a wire so I have tried every style and type of wire there is, but I was done, they were all uncomfortable. 

Looking back I guess my body had become accustomed since my first bra in my teens to a wired bra, and it became normal to always wear this style of bra.  But, after over a year hiatus throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding I had grown used to the comfort of the soft cup styles I wore and I had become more comfortable in the more natural fit this style of bra gave my shape.  During this period my breasts were at their largest and most changeable, the idea that I now needed to return to a wire to give me support made no sense.  

Why did I need a wire to give me support? I guess this is what I was told when I got my first bra in my teens and I had never questioned it.

Most softcup bras available are quite basic, they don’t have the same consideration regarding structure and fit that a wired product has, short cuts are taken in the componentry needed to give support.  The pretty ones are flimsy, delicate and unsupportive and the supportive styles can be quite juvenile and sporty - pull over your head with no underband or strap adjustment. Important features that allow you to fit a bra to your individual body shape. 

I couldn’t find the type of softcup I wanted to wear; comfortable, supportive and chic. After all, I am a lingerie designer and I want to wear something everyday that is not only well designed but also good looking. So I guess I designed these bras with myself in mind, and I am the Videris customer.  But surely there were other women who felt the same as me, that were coming to the realisation that the need for a wire was a myth, that they didn’t need to change the natural shape of their breasts with padding and wires.  They just lacked a better alternative….

Doing something with intention is important to me, if I was going to take the leap in creating my own lingerie line then what I created needed to have meaning.  I was in a healing space personally where I was beginning to realise that true wellbeing comes from honouring the connection between both our inner and outer self, ‘that real vision is the ability to see the invisible’ - Jonathon Swift

There are many layers of meaning in the Videris brand that I will introduce you to over time, the starting point was to create an intention to focus on our inner self, that which can’t be seen; feelings, intuition, emotions, thoughts, spirituality, values, purpose and beliefs over the daily demands of the often more dominant outer self, that which can be seen and is what we present to the outside world.  

Becoming more self aware by balancing our inner and outer self is the foundation for good mental, physical and spiritual health. 

And in doing so we shift the traditional lingerie paradigm from portraying ‘how I am seen’ and ‘how I see myself ‘to asking ‘how do I feel’ and ‘how do I want to feel?.’  

Prioritising wellness and making more mindful choices in all areas of life can extend to our underwear.  A very personal choice that we make every day for the most intimate parts of our body. Most of the time we do not stop to consider the quality of our underwear, the majority of it made from plastic based fabrics; polyester and polyamide and how our choices affect our physical and emotional well-being. 

Videris Lingerie encourages our wearer to make a conscious choice. To choose natural sustainable fabrics safely dyed in colours that can enhance, empower or manifest a feeling or mood.  

Much Light

Chloé x